Saturday, August 4, 2012

Alexei Klimov: poor eyesight doesn't allow me to shoot well in indoor ranges

I have searched for explanation what could happen during the rapid fire pistol final and found following Klimov’s post-event interview.
You have finished the qualification with new world record but you was unable to compete for medal in the final. What has happened?
I have only one explanation: poor eyesight doesn’t allow me to shoot well in indoor shooting ranges. Or demonstrate the same score level as in outdoor shooting ranges. The front sight merges with rear sight. Poor eyesight. My emotions were under control, good feeling. But poor eyesight. To shoot without seeing a thing – it’s horror.
The new final format and scoring system isn’t very fair. You have established new world record and in the same all scores zeroed in the final. Is it true that this «invention» was made because of your high scores?
I don’t like the new format but as we have heard – the reason for that was TV. Better for spectators, better comprehension what is happening. But in general it is infringing on rights of superior athletes... in this case – me. But I don’t want to blame those who invented new final format.
Had you better shooting conditions during the qualification?
Yes. It was sunny. Good light and I saw exactly what I did. But in the final – if my eyes were closed.
OK. Another question. How could you hit five times in the first final series?
By accident. And by accident three misses in last series. Unpredictable.
Is there any medical solution for your problem?
Scared to do any surgery. Different things can come out as post-surgery-effect. But probably I have to take risks.
Will you stay for the next Olympic cycle?
Of course. Without any doubt. It is not discussed.

UPDATE: I have found another point of view. Last Russian Olympic Champion Mikhail Nestruev commented Alexei’s interview: "he was there in the final hall in April" (during London Prepares World Cup and won with 590 + 33).
In another long interview Mikhail said that there may have been another reason for this failure... psychological. "I think team stuff who has surrounded Alexei in the last moment of time before the final did a huge mistake" - expressed Mikhail.


  1. Anonymous5/8/12 04:55

    If you can translate and post Nestruev's interview, it will be interesting to see what psychological mistake Alexei and his stuff did.

    1. Mikhail didn't provide any more details in his interview.