Sunday, August 5, 2012

Free Pistol Men Historical Results Comparison

I have found old almanac with historical results and  build following 50m free pistol comparison chart: USSR Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games.

Some notices and facts:
  • USSR Championship 1955. Efim Khaidurov on 2nd Place.
  • USSR Championship 1966. Anatoli Poddubny on 1st Place.
  • USSR Championship 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1974: two rounds (60 + 60). I divided the sum by 2.
  • USSR Championship 1979: actually guest shooter Harald Vollmar (East Germany) was with 574 on the 2nd Place.
  • 1986: the finals were added to shooting program. And therefore: you see three best qualification scores before(!) final.
  • World Championships 1990 and 1998: all eight finalist showed very high qualification results.
  • USSR Championships: I have best results only till 1980.


  1. Anonymous5/8/12 11:17

    Very interesting. So many times a USSR champion score was higher than Olympics or Wc. Am I reading it correct. Not surprising giving how much competition was there when USSR was one big country. Many say joining the US shooting team is harder than winning Olympics.

  2. As Poddubny says: "I think appearance of Morini free pistol caused global stagnation of scores in 50m free pistol event". Who knows. May be Anatoli has right.

  3. Your chart shows that scores have stagnated since the mid 70's. When was the morini pistol introduced? And why would it cause stagnation? Perhaps because shooters today are "lazy" and use a "ready from the shop" pistol (the morini, which is a great pistol even without tuning)and do less experimenting and tuning then they used to in the good old days?

    1. Anatoli says Morini is very sensible. Shooter needs very good stability/steadiness.

  4. Anonymous6/8/12 07:17

    Perhaps the advances in drug testing have something to do with the "stagnation" of FP scores?

    1. Who knowns.
      IMHO, drugs won't help a lot in shooting.
      I think that growth in free pistol is not possible anymore. Evolution took approx. 50 years to invent best equipment. No radical technical new inventions since 1980s.

    2. old JACK6/8/12 08:29

      kaidurov est le plus grand des maitres armuriers pour les armes de tir la preuve KOKOREV ET DEMAREST ET LE TOZ 35

  5. On one of the forums I read an interesting tought. One said that lower scores are due to the introduction of the final system. He said shooters don't go all the way in the qualification because they know that a score in the 560's is enough. This is not correct, you never know what score is necessary for final, and shooters don't hold back consiously. BUT, perhaps they don't go that extra mile that is necessary to shoot 581 instead of 575, because UNconsioulsy they know that they still can make up for some errors in the final??

  6. Drugs can help a lot on precision shooting, read about beta-blocker.
    Fortunately they are easily visible during antidoping test.

  7. Anonymous12/8/12 12:12

    je voudrais savoir l opinion d Igor sur l utilisation massive dans les finales de haut niveau de VO de Pardinis;Comment expliquer ll absence d autres marques comme le MG2 que je pense etre aussi bon si ce n est meilleur la preuve par le contraire etant que de nombreux tireurs ayant change leur MG2 pour un Pardini ont perdu des points.
    Klinov tire lui avec un Benelli qui ne semble pas de serie peut etre a t il une detente electronique.Tout le monde se pose ce genre de questions,Igor a le talent pour repondre AAA+ OLD Jack

  8. Anonymous12/8/12 12:19

    j ai eu 2 ZKR 551 en 38spl ,j ai fait un test dans le n°3 des cahiers du pistolier ,je cherche des infos sur le ZKR 35 en 762 Nagant de FALTA

    AAA+ Old jack

  9. Anonymous12/8/12 12:33

    les free pistols,qui gagnent les matchs de haut niveau ,sont toujours des Morinis 84 ou des TOZ 35 ,,fiables simples ,les autres sont absents Steyr ,pardini ,MU55 .c est je pense surtout du a leur pente de crosse AAA+ old jack