Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympians Pupo, Kumar, Cox, Narang and Al-Attiya

I hope all these shooters and Olympic medal winners,... I would say – unexpected medal winners – will help to bring shooting sport in their countries on a higher level than before. New shooting ranges? Better infrastructure? Higher popularity? More shooters? IMHO, it is good for shooting sport globally.

Congratulations! Outstanding performance on-demand, here and now...

A couple of next surprises may occur soon... half time in Olympic shooting.

I hope that ultimate rapid fire shooter Klimov Alexei won’t lose motivation and picks up his medal in Rio de Janeiro.
50th ISSF World Championship 2010


  1. Anonymous5/8/12 11:12

    India has been doing good on shooting competitions but sadly given that even till 2 years ago importing a foreign made air gun was very difficult you can imagine how small these number of shooters are. It is almost impossible if we are talking about firearms, you have yo be very rich and well connected or in the army of being able to practise with imported olympic level firearms in India. Just look at the top trap shooters in India, either they are from army or business family or royalty. India is still very far from having a farmer's son who learns using government infrastructure to win even in national level.

  2. Pressconference Lionel Cox before match: 4 people: interviewer, cameraman, soundguy and Lionel! A lot of people tell me: "...oh, shooting is an olympic sport?!". Thanks to his medal, people now know of our sport. That alone is a huge step forward!