Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Champion Martynov Sergei

As you can see on this photo – Sergei has used Russian «Olymp» ammo (or better to say – USSR ammo).
Black/orange plastic box. Special production was started for Olympic Games in Moscow 1980.
After the Final Sergei confirmed in the interview that he has used «Olymp». Very old lot... from 1985.
«Where from? From there (laughs). Since Soviet times. It is my little reserve and this reserve is used very carefully. The cartridges from 1985. I use it for major competitions only. The Soviet ammo is still better than the modern» – expressed Sergei.
«Let’s not touch the ammunition theme, it is infinite story,... not just ours. There is no solution at the moment. No one produce ideal match ammo, and it is unlikely someone will produce. We have to test every available ammo and see which is better» – added Sergei.
Sergei’s rifle is from 1995.

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  1. Anonymous11/8/12 06:31

    quoi de plus que Tenex ou autres super match cartouches ,le triple secret ,le mariage entre le maitre Martinov les Olymps et le canon de son anschutz ,mais que sait on de son canon anschutz ou ???? , OLD Jack