Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pardini Electronic Trigger

Only rumors...!
I have heard that Pardini won’t improve electronic trigger until it will be confirmed that rapid fire event remains in Olympic program.
It is sensible theme since some of us have already had troubles with new trigger.

For example:

In my case - I had to polish contact spring two weeks ago (worked... but not so long) and two days ago I got the replacement (complete electronic module).

What do you know about it?

P.S.: I am satisfied with the electronic trigger in general and won’t replace it with mechanical version.


  1. From what i know the production of the electronic model has stopped. And most of the electronic pardini here had their share of problems.

  2. At least the HPE is not available anymore, I got that directly from Pardini. Wouldn't be surprised if they stopped the project, though. Wouldn't surprise me if RF would get thrown out of the olympics, either.

  3. The FPE is not availeble either and has not been for at least half a year.

  4. Hi,

    today I received new electronics for my SP1e, including parts of the trigger and hammer.(it no longer has the spring thas needs to disconnect in order to fire, but they now placed a small microswith on the pcb).

    This looks like rev. 3 now. Anyone had any experience with this version yet?