Monday, September 17, 2012

Hämmerli SP20 Wooden Grip - Part 2

By the way – the walnut blank dimension: 160 x 115 x 70 mm.
Once again: First phase - I drill the blank. Second phase - work with chisel. Third phase - control with caliper.

Left half. testing the depth and fine adjustment.

Left half: fits good.

The blank: general view.

Right half: testing the depth.

Right half: fits good too.

Right half.

Time to split the blank. Due to excessive width of the blank (70mm but 56-58mm was needed) I had to saw the blank twice (25mm + about 20mm + 25mm). 20mm part in the middle isn’t needed.

You can see that left half is wider than right half (20mm part will be removed soon).

Frame fits good. Everything OK.

Two halves. 25mm width each. You can see two guide pins (to retain found optimal position). As you may remember we always begin to work on the right half.

Drill is my first helper for rough work.

Left half.

I split the blank and sketched the right half. After rough shaping of the right half I applied the right half to the left half and sketched left half. After that I shaped the left half (only rough work at the moment).

Two halves. Rough shaping with sketches.

Prepared two holes and M3 screw thread.

Two M3 screws fix the plastic frame. Actually I wanted four but two is enough (I hope).

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hämmerli SP20 Wooden Grip - Part 1

The season 2012 has passed and now I have time to make custom wooden grip for my Hämmerli SP20 .32 S&W. Finally.
This time I plan every step twice (making grip for Feinwerkbau AW93 I did a lot of sloppy mistakes... and therefore spent a lot of time fixing them).

Before the beginning

I cut the plastic frame

Template divided in zones (number in mm means cutout depth and "5" below is the blank price in Euros)

Template markings transferred on wooden blank

Cut off the bottom part (future palm shelf)

Working step by step controlling every cutout with caliper
(such precision workflow is incomparable with my first experience)

First phase - I drill the blank. Second phase - work with chisel. Third phase - control with caliper.

P.S.: Today I have found that Rink makes grips for SP20. In my case I will fix the plastic frame with four screws.