Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hämmerli SP20 Wooden Grip - Part 4

Left parts glued together (water resistent wood glue). 24h under press.

The start of work on the form.

Don't forget to plug up the holes (wooden chips and dust may penetrate the holes).

Left side.

Small problem.The pistol will not pass box control (300x150x50mm).
But I don't care about it for now. The grip will be definitely smaller with the time.

Left side. Nice surface.


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  1. Thats some pretty impressive work there =)
    Do you take orders? and if so how much would you charge if you were to sell of those?


    1. It is only hobby. Good hobby...
      May be someday, retired, I will organize my own mini-workroom :)

  2. Looks fantastic, but I very much doubt if that will be strong enough (in .32) not to rip the mounts off the trigger unit... let us know how it works out!

    1. Who knows.
      But friend of mine uses this method in .32 since 2009. No troubles till now.
      Two more screws won't hurt anyway. I must think about it.