Tuesday, December 18, 2012

CISM 2012 - 25m Center Fire Pistol

For everyone, who didn’t see last CISM 2012 results from Guangzhou (China).
Unfortunately I could not find photos on official CISM webpage.

Major Petriv Oleksander from Ukraine has kindly gave us following photo:

TOZ-49 Revolver and ammo from 1983.

Individual Ranking 25m Center Fire Pistol men:
  1. Maj. Petriv Oleksander
  2. SM DIKEÇ Yusuf (CISM Record holder 597)
  3. Capt XIE Zhenxiang
Would be nice to see Russian and US Army among participants... someday... again.


  1. It was not so hard because in my hand was perfect mashine TOZ-49 from Efim Khaidurov. Thank You very much to You, great designer of pistols!
    My RFP gold OG Beiging-2008 was same with perfect pistol from Efim Khaidurov - HR-30.
    Thank You very much to You, Great Master! You continue to live in each pistol of your design.

    Oleksandr Petriv.

  2. Anonymous23/2/13 20:16

    Would be nice to see a closer picture of that grip! I'm doing my own revlover grip and need some examples

    1. Other toz-49 but anyway... grip is almost the same: