Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hämmerli SP20 Wooden Grip - Part 6

Borrowed measurement box and had to cut about 7mm to fit the box.


Length and height are OK now... Next step - width... about 2mm above the allowed 50mm. Sandpaper work.

Covering of hand-contact surfaces with paint tape before lacquering.

Clear lacquer.

The hand-contact surfaces are impregnated with linseed oil.

Blue - pistol frame.
Red - original grip.
Green - my new wooden grip.

Last week I ordered Dembart checkering tools from USA to finish my grip.

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  1. Wonderfull piece of wood(I love the colorlines) & work! Ashame it's such an ugly gun :-D.
    Very curious about the checkering work.

    1. I am curious too. Hopefully my parcel arrives someday from USA.

  2. I agree with Gert - beautiful grip! I know that soon You will go to Austrian army. OK, this pistol have calibr 7,62, and I think that now You are really ready go to army and will wrestling at place in military shooting team. Good luck!


    1. Dear Oleksandr,


      My congratulations to your CISM world champion title 2012.

  3. Anonymous5/1/13 18:01

    I am looking forward to seeing your work with the checkering tools. It is not easy to do a good job on the curved surfaces of these kinds of grips. That is why so many just stipple them. It will be slow and you will need a deft and light touch. I have always thought of doing it, never seem to have the time to learn the process again. I suggest you practice on the old grip, or maybe an old block of wood from a TOZ-35. This one is too fine to risk on a first attempt.

    Larry Lohkamp - Florida USA

    1. Hello!
      I got my tools. I trained about 2 minutes with wooden blank (plain surfaces) and after that started to work with the grip. I did two or three mistakes at the beginning but I could fix them. Looks not so bad. I will publish photos soon.