Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Steyr LP10 new adjustment screw

Seems like Steyr Sport added new adjustment screw to fix the issue with the LP10 mechanical trigger.
The user manual (online pdf file) doesn't provide detailed information about this screw. But we suppose that screw fixes the problem described on linked page above.


  1. Hi!

    Is that a common problem with the LP10 mechanical trigger? Does it only occur in some specific setting? I'm about to buy one and have never heard of this problem.

    Thx for a good blog!

    // Henrik

  2. Hi,

    the problem occurs only in certain settings


  3. Hi Igor,
    the pic isn't clear, but maybe is there also a little spring added?
    can you confirm?

  4. Hi,
    in the LP2 compact manual that screw is pictured, see at:

  5. Listed on part list also:

  6. Hi Igor, very nice blog! Btw, there is another issue about the LP10 mechanical. When you turn (i.e. clockwise) the first stage travel adjustment screw I noticed that the feeling of the trigger changes so much (i.e. it becomes more dry and short). That does not depend on the weight of the first stage (the spring is more or less compressed). Rather it must depend on the point of impact of that first stage travel adjustment screw on the trigger lever (#56.1]. That point of impact (or its direction, its vector) must change substantially if you turn the first stage travel adjustment screw. Did you notice it? -scerir