Sunday, January 27, 2013

Checkering tools

Dembart's checkering tools I have used (my first experience):
  1. Cutter 2-32 (spacing tool; 32 lines per inch)
  2. Cutter F1 (used for making the original layout or pattern and to deepen the rows after they are marked in with the spacing tools)
  3. Cutter B-2 (a narrow bordering tool which is used to put the final boarder around the layout or pattern)
  4. Special S-1 Tool (as F-1 but for narrow places)

This tool for stippling I prepared myself with a file (usual M8 screw).


  1. Anonymous10/2/13 16:33

    Hi Igor,
    Verry nice grip!
    How do you use the stippeling tool? And why do you checker and stipple?

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi,

      Punch is held over the wood's surface and loosely, so the hammer drives it down.

      As I already wrote - I tried to copy the grip. And original one (by master Ibrahimov) has stippled and checkered surfaces.

  2. Anonymous11/2/13 19:35

    Hello Igor,

    Thanks for the information! But also some more questions. Did you tried to copy the outside of Oleksander Petriv grip or your LP10(E) grip?
    Did Mr.Ibrahimov or Mr. Petriv an explanation about the preference between stippling and checkering?

    Is it possible that you post a picture of the SP20 grip in your hand?

    On an other point. In your TOZ35 gallery I saw some pictures of a blue fore end (similar to MEC/Centra but made by rapid manufacturing). Interesting.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hello,

      I have copied the Petriv's SP20 grip (we have same size).
      I didn't ask "why?"... but it feels good. I like it.

      Photos - later.

  3. Never try checkering on a pistol grip.

    The form is too complex for even the coarsest checkering.
    Checkering is for nice smooth round surfaces found on hunting guns,
    and .45 Colt grips, not on anatomic target grips that may be reshaped after the last match.

    Stipling, yes, checkering never.
    (Dembart's tools are invaluable. I never used my hand made checkering tool again after I bought them.)