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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


My first 100 in rapid fire pistol (in 8 seconds / five inner tens / training). Done
Right top: goal of training session
Right bottom: achieved result

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pardini SP Trigger Adjustment - Solution

My problems with Pardini's trigger I described earlier.

By the way - TargetTalk's member Gwhite offered wonderful trigger adjustment diagrams (must have!). And don't forget this - Don Nygord's instructions.

Also. I have adjusted the trigger settings once again and I have made it shorter (see my first article with the picture).
Next two training sessions I tested new settings. About 40 five shots series (rapid fire pistol). 2 or 3 times I could not properly reset the trigger. Huge progress. But... scores. Something was wrong. This year I didn't have training scores below 278-280 as I remember (half program); Usual training score - 282 - 287. Highest was 289. And this time I did only 260 (first attempt) and 267 (second attempt). It is impossible to lose 20 points within one week (or 40 points - full program). Everything was the same except new trigger assembly. The same feelings. But different scores. 43-45 in eight (!!!) seconds series instead of usual 49-50. "Eight" at three o'lock, "eight" at 6 o'clock and so on...

The problem was localized and solution was found.

The second stage was too long.
The solution: Screw out the 2nd stage engagement screw "CS" till you don't have 2nd stage. Cock the pistol (unloaded!). Now - as Don Nygord says - Turn "CS" in clockwise until you feel the "2nd stage" appear about at the end of the pull. But do it in very small portions (about 1/32 turn) and after every turn try if "2nd stage" "appeared". If yes - you are done. 2nd stage must be very very very short (in my case). As electronic trigger.

Next training session I begun with 49 49 50 49... everything was fine again.

.22 Long Rifle cartridge height

I have a lot of troubles with GECO Pistol .22 lr at the moment (ordered and bought this spring).
Lot number is "2GN428".
Sometimes Pardini's magazine won't feed next cartridge. Cartridge stuck; won't move upwards.
I have collected such "trouble-makers" and measured them with digital caliper.
Cartridge height varies from 25,03 to 25,21 mm (15 cartridges tested).

For comparison:
GECO Pistol .22 lr bought in 2012: from 24,89 to 25,01 mm (30 cartridges randomly tested).
RWS Pistol Match: from 24,50 to 24,56 mm (random test).
TEMP Pistol (made in USSR in 1991): from 24,86 to 24,91 mm (random test).

By the way; according to Wikipedia .22 lr cartridge standard height is 25,40 mm (exactly 1 inch). 

Verdict: must be used only for training.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pardini SP Trigger Adjustment

OK. It is not so easy as I imagined.

For two days I switched to mechanical trigger and after all I adjusted the trigger as I like (I thought so). Today during routine rapid fire training (the first training with new trigger) I could do only 3 or 4 "normal" series (of 18). "Normal" - I mean - I could reset the trigger five times (and five bullets left the barrel in time). I was totally disappointed. After every shot I had to move my finger back too far to reset the trigger (I think I had to completely release the trigger). Only then trigger bar / dis-connector took appropriate position. Never had such troubles with Feinwerkbau AW93 (as well as with Pardini SP1 electronic).

Don't forget - I am talking about rapid fire (8, 6 and 4 seconds).

Now, at home, I think I found the solution. Overall trigger pull (1st and 2nd stages) must be as short as possible (and save - of course). Maximum 0,75-1,00 mm first stage length (movement of the trigger shoe). Very short and crisp 2nd stage.

Following photo fully describes my solution.
Pull the trigger and hold. Cock the hammer (pull the slide backwards and let it glide forward).
What do you see is very short overlap between the trigger bar / dis-connector and sear ("corner to corner").
And today I tried to shoot with 1,5-2,00 mm overlap.  Huge difference. 2,5 mm finger's backwards movement to reset the trigger was too much for me. I will let you know If this solution works (at least for me).

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Switched to Pardini mechanical trigger

Local Pardini dealer quickly sent me the new frame. Switched in 5 minutes.
I am experimenting with six trigger setting screws at the moment.
Total costs: about 450 Euros (but reliability is very important and it can cost more sometimes).

Most beautiful MTs 55 ever

Grip made by Afonin Dmitri (gunsmith of Russian national shooting team).
Fotos found on the

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