Monday, August 19, 2013

.22 Long Rifle cartridge height

I have a lot of troubles with GECO Pistol .22 lr at the moment (ordered and bought this spring).
Lot number is "2GN428".
Sometimes Pardini's magazine won't feed next cartridge. Cartridge stuck; won't move upwards.
I have collected such "trouble-makers" and measured them with digital caliper.
Cartridge height varies from 25,03 to 25,21 mm (15 cartridges tested).

For comparison:
GECO Pistol .22 lr bought in 2012: from 24,89 to 25,01 mm (30 cartridges randomly tested).
RWS Pistol Match: from 24,50 to 24,56 mm (random test).
TEMP Pistol (made in USSR in 1991): from 24,86 to 24,91 mm (random test).

By the way; according to Wikipedia .22 lr cartridge standard height is 25,40 mm (exactly 1 inch). 

Verdict: must be used only for training.

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  1. Tiago Cunha9/10/13 11:53

    I have had in the past the same problem.

    Clean the magazine with a nylon brush, especially the inner front part, since there is usually a deposit of wax in there from the bullets.

    It helped a lot when the cartridge started to get stuck in the magazine. A quick brush and It work fine afterwards.