Monday, August 19, 2013

Pardini SP Trigger Adjustment - Solution

My problems with Pardini's trigger I described earlier.

By the way - TargetTalk's member Gwhite offered wonderful trigger adjustment diagrams (must have!). And don't forget this - Don Nygord's instructions.

Also. I have adjusted the trigger settings once again and I have made it shorter (see my first article with the picture).
Next two training sessions I tested new settings. About 40 five shots series (rapid fire pistol). 2 or 3 times I could not properly reset the trigger. Huge progress. But... scores. Something was wrong. This year I didn't have training scores below 278-280 as I remember (half program); Usual training score - 282 - 287. Highest was 289. And this time I did only 260 (first attempt) and 267 (second attempt). It is impossible to lose 20 points within one week (or 40 points - full program). Everything was the same except new trigger assembly. The same feelings. But different scores. 43-45 in eight (!!!) seconds series instead of usual 49-50. "Eight" at three o'lock, "eight" at 6 o'clock and so on...

The problem was localized and solution was found.

The second stage was too long.
The solution: Screw out the 2nd stage engagement screw "CS" till you don't have 2nd stage. Cock the pistol (unloaded!). Now - as Don Nygord says - Turn "CS" in clockwise until you feel the "2nd stage" appear about at the end of the pull. But do it in very small portions (about 1/32 turn) and after every turn try if "2nd stage" "appeared". If yes - you are done. 2nd stage must be very very very short (in my case). As electronic trigger.

Next training session I begun with 49 49 50 49... everything was fine again.


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