Thursday, August 8, 2013

Switched to Pardini mechanical trigger

Local Pardini dealer quickly sent me the new frame. Switched in 5 minutes.
I am experimenting with six trigger setting screws at the moment.
Total costs: about 450 Euros (but reliability is very important and it can cost more sometimes).


  1. I also switched from electronic back to mechanical. It's the best thing I ever did, no longer do I spend the time wondering if it's going to work!

    1. Unfortunately... it was so nice to dry fire. But the thing is not safe.

    2. when i was to buy a 25m pistol i asked pardini factory about electronics. their answer was that electronic model was best suited to international shooters that go to world cups and have access to regular service. after much consideration i took their advice even if i didn't bought pardini sp (i got a mg-2 instead). never regret it and in fact when fellow greek shooters ask me about electronic triggers in 25m pistols i advice against them. 5 shot dry firing certainly is nice but ruined matches just stinks :)