Monday, December 30, 2013

TOZ-35M Trigger problem

Found time to test my new TOZ-35M. Live shooting (amazing +15C outdoor temperature in the end of December).

First of all - I had to invest time to properly fit my grip for new pistol (every TOZ frame is unique +/- 1-2mm is normal).

First shot - 40cm too low. I lowered the front sight with a file (2mm) instead of making 40 clicks. So I have "clicks"-reserve in both directions now (low/high).

Trigger was awful - random trigger character. Very long, short, short, very long again... unpredictable. Solution - fix middle lever (part #23) with a file. See picture below.

Fix middle lever (part# 23)

Bolt difference - TOZ-35 (left) and TOZ-35M (right)