Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Randolph shooting glasses

Short "review" of my new shooting gear.

Two weeks ago in Granada I have seen "RE" (Randolph Engineering, US) shooting glasses. Local gun-shop had one frame in stock (Sporter Frame). Good quality. The frame with three sets of lenses was cheaper than Knobloch K5 frame with three sets of lenses (150 Euros for frame and about 150 Euros for three sets of lenses). "RE" looks cool.

I have seen those "RE" glasses somewhere... Oh yeah! Olympic Champion in Sport Pistol Women - Kim Jang-Mi from Korea.

Being at home a week later I ordered Ranger Classic Frame with three sets of lenses. Without trying them somewhere/somehow. I found good offer on eBay. Altogether 245 Euros with shipping. My order was delivered 5 days later! Miami (US) - Linz (Austria) in 5 days. The speed of light ;-)

Back to glasses. Premium quality. Premium lenses. Light frame. Absolutely satisfied.

I was pessimistic if yellow lenses work - but they work. Tried today. Yellow lenses enhance contrast in low light.
After all tested Copper Polarized lenses at 10 meter shooting range. Our Meyton LED light so bright that I have to use filter. Copper Polarized lenses help good. No problems with "overlight". Eye didn't "jumped" at the target.

Copper Polarized lenses

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

WCH 2014 - Standard Pistol Men Video

20 seconds series

10 seconds series

WCH 2014 - Center Fire Pistol Men statistics



Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WCH 2014 - Rapid Fire Pistol Men statistics

Six shooters used Matchguns MG2 and one MG2E. At least three of them - from Spain, Brasil and Poland - had huge troubles (multiple malfunctions).



Arms Labeling

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Air Pistol Women



Friday, September 12, 2014

Cesare Morini

WCH 2014 - Air Pistol Men statistics



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WCH 2014 - Sport Pistol Women statistics



JIN Jongoh

583 in free pistol. New record.
About 40 minutes for the first 50 shots. About 23 minutes for the last series.
Two 8. In the first and third series.
Final results

Last series

After the last shot

Great Wang Yifu congratulates great Jin Jongoh

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

WCH 2014 Free Pistol statistics

2014 Granada

2010 Munich



Saturday, September 6, 2014

Welcome to Granada

+31°C at 8:46 pm.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MC55-1 Assembly

Saturday, August 9, 2014

MC55-1 - searched for one - got two

Finally found MC55-1. Two pistols. The seller had two and wanted to sell both.

First one - from the year 1975, second one - 1979. Good condition. One unmodified factory grip. The second grip was modified (but very comfortable shape; better than the factory one).

Fully cleaned both pistols. Looks good.

Important things:

Unexpected good mass distribution (center of gravity). It is easier to control the front sight comparing to TOZ-35. Huge difference. TOZ-35 has the approx. same total mass of 1,4kg, but feels heavier.
Soft recoil.
Better quality. Premium finish and bluing comparing to TOZ-35. The bluing is very beautiful (tried to make a photo but my camera was unable to reproduce the real color - looks like S&W K38 Mod. 14). Unfortunately there are some scratches. I suppose that ex-owner used extra weights mounted on the barrel. I tried to fix this problem with perma blue. Looks better but not perfect.

Look at the color. It is really blue toned.

Other photos - MC55-1 photos.

How to take apart MC55-1 video. It took ~27 minutes because some parts were stuck.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lee Pro 1000 Small loads without Micro Disk

My Lee Pro 1000 .32 S&W version was delivered with standard Auto Disk Kit. The smallest possible load about 3 grains (Lovex D032 Powder). I prepared some self made plastic plugs to be able to load below 3 grains. No leaks. Works good.

To the questions from the comments.

Did you use Ransom Rest with the SP20 too?
Yes. Using self made adapter.

Why BBWC? Usually HBWC is preferred (although it is not necessarily more accurate...)
I searched for the cheapest option. Maybe I should really try HBWC too.

Why Lovex D032?
I am beginner. I have never tried something else. Friend's advice. Cheap. Available everywhere in our region.

How did you optimize powder weight? Tried different charges, shot, and chose the one with the tightest group?
Step one - different charges (same standard crimp and bullet seating depth).
Step two - best load after step one but different crimp and bullet seating depth.

Why .314? Did you slug the barrel previously?
I thought so I can avoid leading. Next time I want to order .313 to compare.

Are you using the original expanding die that comes with press? I was under the impression that it flares cases to about .311-.312. Did you have any problems fitting .314 bullets?
Yes. Original expanding die. Standard settings according learn video from Lee.
Problems come if bullet was not placed straight.

Friday, June 27, 2014

My Final .32 S&W Match Load

Also. It seems to me that I have found my match load for center fire pistol.

My Setup:
  • Lee Pro 1000 Press
  • CBC Brass
  • Magtech primers
  • Bullet ARES 100gr .314 WC
  • Bullet Seating Depth - about 0,25mm below the brass edge
  • Powder - Lovex DO32 2,0~2,1gr
  • Minimal crimp (place empty case; raise the shell plate to the top: turn the die into the turret until you feel it stops; lower the shell plate; turn the die inward for 1/4 turn; done)
  • Factory crimp die - I don't have such thing
Tested with my Hämmerli SP20. No feeding problems after 100 shots.

I have also brass from Lapua and PMC. Interesting if the different brass will impact the load accuracy. 

.32 S&W Long Lovex DO32 2gr / ARES 100gr .314 WC
(10 shots; about 27mm center to center with two flyers on the left or about 20mm without flyers)
Hämmerli SP20 (First generation)

Magtech Factory Ammo (.32 S&WL; 98gr Bullet LWC; 12 shots)

Bonus: Geco Pistol 25m; 10 shots; Pardini SP1 RF

RWS Pistol Match Soft Recoil: 10 shots: Pardini SP1 RF

Sunday, June 22, 2014

.32 S&W First Loads

First test loads and reference load (Geco factory ammo).
Best result till now - Powder Lovex DO32 1,8gr / Bullet ARES .314 100gr / CBC Brass / Magtech primers - about 14,5mm center to center.

Notice: Crimp "A", "B" and "C" - my labels for crimp settings ("A" - more crimped, "C" - less crimped).

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tested my TOZ-35M on Ransom Rest

Today I tested my TOZ-35M on Ransom Rest. I wanted to know how good/bad my ammo is (Geco Pistol). I also found old Eley Target Pistol 50pcs box (grease has already hardened).

We don't have Grip Inserts for TOZ-35. I have improvised and was able to fix the pistol using a piece of anti-slip mat.

I was pleasantly surprised by test using old Eley Target Pistol ammo. Extreme outside to outside distance is only 22,0mm (16,4mm center to center). 50 meters. Wow!

Geco Pistol. Extreme outside to outside distance is 49,5mm (43,9mm center to center). 50 meters. Not so bad for one of cheapest available ammo.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Does anyone of you load .32 S&W Long Wadcutter for sport shooting?
I have bought Lee Pro 1000 and want to load .32 myself (due to actual ammo prices). I have already found proper .38 Special load for my S&W 686 Target Champion and the next step will be to find proper load for my Hämmerli SP20.

Monday, March 31, 2014

TOZ-35 Grip Renewal

Task: renew the TOZ-35 standard grip (only outter form and surfaces).
Owner will take care about inner form himself.

The massive palm shelf.
Small finger is completely covered by it.

Bolt lever is almost "lost" between two cheeks.

Rear part of the palm shelf must be shortened to satisfy ISSF Rules.

The left cheek is too thick. Remove 7-3mm off wood.


The massive palm shelf will be elegant one.

More space for bolt lever.

Nice. I like it.