Monday, March 31, 2014

TOZ-35 Grip Renewal

Task: renew the TOZ-35 standard grip (only outter form and surfaces).
Owner will take care about inner form himself.

The massive palm shelf.
Small finger is completely covered by it.

Bolt lever is almost "lost" between two cheeks.

Rear part of the palm shelf must be shortened to satisfy ISSF Rules.

The left cheek is too thick. Remove 7-3mm off wood.


The massive palm shelf will be elegant one.

More space for bolt lever.

Nice. I like it.






  1. can somebody please tell me how to do that? Which sand-paper do I use and how do I make it glossy at the end? I don't know anyone who can work with wood. Very nice!

    1. #80 to remove old lack und deep groves.
      #120 ist the next one.

      #240 for fine polish. After this wipe rich the all surfaces with alcohol using cotton cloth (rub with power). Use #240 once again to remove appeared fibers on the surfaces.

      Repeat the step above again and again till no fibers above the surfaces will be visible after wiping the wood with alcohol.

      Now you can use transparent lack. I used spray based on natural resin. Dry-time about 3-4 days.

    2. Goddamit, I forgot to ask which exactly. I went to Baumarkt (Germany) and bought the 240 sandpaper only, because I don't know which alcohol and which resin lack. I have Isopropyl-alkohol 70% at home. Could you please help me which alcohol to use and which company lack you have?

      I promise, no more questions!

    3. Any "Klarlack" (transparent lack). Spray is easiest way. It will take 4-5 days for drying!

      Any alcohol. You can even use water but wooden parts will go dry slower. Alcohol is better.