Monday, May 12, 2014


Does anyone of you load .32 S&W Long Wadcutter for sport shooting?
I have bought Lee Pro 1000 and want to load .32 myself (due to actual ammo prices). I have already found proper .38 Special load for my S&W 686 Target Champion and the next step will be to find proper load for my Hämmerli SP20.


  1. The old (=discontinued) Hirtenberger Factory Load, which shot pretty well in all Hammerli pistols I ever owned, was 1.4grs Vihtavuori N310 behind a 100grs .314 H&N HBWC. YMMV, no guarantee :-)

  2. Igor, I’ve had good results with: 98 gn Speer swaged HBWC (.314) with 1.3 gn of VV N-310; same bullet with 1.5 gns of N-320; H&N HBWC (.314) with 1.4 gn of Bullseye; and H&N HBWC (.314) with 1.4 gn of Accurate #2.

    I’ve found the A #2 load to have been the most accurate. Although much like Bullseye, it’s extremely dirty.

    The load with N-320 can be useful. Sometimes the other powders might actually be a little too fast, where some guns such as a Pardini HP, won’t function reliably.

  3. I have used 1.5grs Vihtavuori N310 behind a 98grs .314 HBWC in my Hammerli 280 for over 20 years. Just bought a Matchgun MG4, and the load is accurat in that pistol to. :-)

  4. a couple of pointers:
    trim casings to 0.91"
    use a Lee Factory Crimp die

  5. Pardini MP32 WC, 1.2 grain Vihtavouri N310, Geco brass, H&N .314 WC, Magtech primer, COL 24.6mm: