Friday, June 27, 2014

My Final .32 S&W Match Load

Also. It seems to me that I have found my match load for center fire pistol.

My Setup:
  • Lee Pro 1000 Press
  • CBC Brass
  • Magtech primers
  • Bullet ARES 100gr .314 WC
  • Bullet Seating Depth - about 0,25mm below the brass edge
  • Powder - Lovex DO32 2,0~2,1gr
  • Minimal crimp (place empty case; raise the shell plate to the top: turn the die into the turret until you feel it stops; lower the shell plate; turn the die inward for 1/4 turn; done)
  • Factory crimp die - I don't have such thing
Tested with my Hämmerli SP20. No feeding problems after 100 shots.

I have also brass from Lapua and PMC. Interesting if the different brass will impact the load accuracy. 

.32 S&W Long Lovex DO32 2gr / ARES 100gr .314 WC
(10 shots; about 27mm center to center with two flyers on the left or about 20mm without flyers)
Hämmerli SP20 (First generation)

Magtech Factory Ammo (.32 S&WL; 98gr Bullet LWC; 12 shots)

Bonus: Geco Pistol 25m; 10 shots; Pardini SP1 RF

RWS Pistol Match Soft Recoil: 10 shots: Pardini SP1 RF

Sunday, June 22, 2014

.32 S&W First Loads

First test loads and reference load (Geco factory ammo).
Best result till now - Powder Lovex DO32 1,8gr / Bullet ARES .314 100gr / CBC Brass / Magtech primers - about 14,5mm center to center.

Notice: Crimp "A", "B" and "C" - my labels for crimp settings ("A" - more crimped, "C" - less crimped).

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tested my TOZ-35M on Ransom Rest

Today I tested my TOZ-35M on Ransom Rest. I wanted to know how good/bad my ammo is (Geco Pistol). I also found old Eley Target Pistol 50pcs box (grease has already hardened).

We don't have Grip Inserts for TOZ-35. I have improvised and was able to fix the pistol using a piece of anti-slip mat.

I was pleasantly surprised by test using old Eley Target Pistol ammo. Extreme outside to outside distance is only 22,0mm (16,4mm center to center). 50 meters. Wow!

Geco Pistol. Extreme outside to outside distance is 49,5mm (43,9mm center to center). 50 meters. Not so bad for one of cheapest available ammo.