Friday, June 27, 2014

My Final .32 S&W Match Load

Also. It seems to me that I have found my match load for center fire pistol.

My Setup:
  • Lee Pro 1000 Press
  • CBC Brass
  • Magtech primers
  • Bullet ARES 100gr .314 WC
  • Bullet Seating Depth - about 0,25mm below the brass edge
  • Powder - Lovex DO32 2,0~2,1gr
  • Minimal crimp (place empty case; raise the shell plate to the top: turn the die into the turret until you feel it stops; lower the shell plate; turn the die inward for 1/4 turn; done)
  • Factory crimp die - I don't have such thing
Tested with my Hämmerli SP20. No feeding problems after 100 shots.

I have also brass from Lapua and PMC. Interesting if the different brass will impact the load accuracy. 

.32 S&W Long Lovex DO32 2gr / ARES 100gr .314 WC
(10 shots; about 27mm center to center with two flyers on the left or about 20mm without flyers)
Hämmerli SP20 (First generation)

Magtech Factory Ammo (.32 S&WL; 98gr Bullet LWC; 12 shots)

Bonus: Geco Pistol 25m; 10 shots; Pardini SP1 RF

RWS Pistol Match Soft Recoil: 10 shots: Pardini SP1 RF


  1. Nice group. Are you using the original expanding die that comes with press? I was under the impression that it flares cases to about .311-.312. Did you have any problems fitting .314 bullets?
    Do you rely on automatic powder dispenser? The powder dose tolerances are pretty narrow in .32S&W and I was always wondering if a volume dispenser would be accurate enough. Cheers, Marcin

    1. Everything is original... except Powder Mini Disk. I had to "tune" original one to be able to load small loads (below 2 grains). Lee doesn't sell Micro Disks anymore and I had to make my own. I will post some photos soon.

      Volume dispenser seems to be accurate enough. I do random test from time to time... Very constant results. About +/- 0,05 grains.

  2. Hello Igor,
    - Did you use Ransom Rest with the SP20 too?
    - Why BBWC? Usually HBWC is preferred (although it is not necessarily more accurate...)
    - Why Lovex D032? (I agree with the choice: ball powder is easier to dispense than tubular powder; it is way cheaper than VV or Rottweil; you can use more powder, so variation is less; etc)
    - How did you optimize powder weight? Tried different charges, shot, and chose the one with the tightest group?

  3. And the last one: why .314? Did you slug the barrel previously?