Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tested my TOZ-35M on Ransom Rest

Today I tested my TOZ-35M on Ransom Rest. I wanted to know how good/bad my ammo is (Geco Pistol). I also found old Eley Target Pistol 50pcs box (grease has already hardened).

We don't have Grip Inserts for TOZ-35. I have improvised and was able to fix the pistol using a piece of anti-slip mat.

I was pleasantly surprised by test using old Eley Target Pistol ammo. Extreme outside to outside distance is only 22,0mm (16,4mm center to center). 50 meters. Wow!

Geco Pistol. Extreme outside to outside distance is 49,5mm (43,9mm center to center). 50 meters. Not so bad for one of cheapest available ammo.


  1. Nice Eley group. Interesting that the two group centres are almost diametrically opposed.

  2. Im wondering if the blocks you made for your ransom didnt help your accuracy. I made wooden blocks for my toz 35 in a copy of a ransom that my father made. With my compensator fitted my worst groups were like your eley target and best groups were under 10mm

    1. My self made adapter is bad. I didn't want to invest too much time... but nevertheless.