Monday, July 14, 2014

Lee Pro 1000 Small loads without Micro Disk

My Lee Pro 1000 .32 S&W version was delivered with standard Auto Disk Kit. The smallest possible load about 3 grains (Lovex D032 Powder). I prepared some self made plastic plugs to be able to load below 3 grains. No leaks. Works good.

To the questions from the comments.

Did you use Ransom Rest with the SP20 too?
Yes. Using self made adapter.

Why BBWC? Usually HBWC is preferred (although it is not necessarily more accurate...)
I searched for the cheapest option. Maybe I should really try HBWC too.

Why Lovex D032?
I am beginner. I have never tried something else. Friend's advice. Cheap. Available everywhere in our region.

How did you optimize powder weight? Tried different charges, shot, and chose the one with the tightest group?
Step one - different charges (same standard crimp and bullet seating depth).
Step two - best load after step one but different crimp and bullet seating depth.

Why .314? Did you slug the barrel previously?
I thought so I can avoid leading. Next time I want to order .313 to compare.

Are you using the original expanding die that comes with press? I was under the impression that it flares cases to about .311-.312. Did you have any problems fitting .314 bullets?
Yes. Original expanding die. Standard settings according learn video from Lee.
Problems come if bullet was not placed straight.