Saturday, August 9, 2014

MC55-1 - searched for one - got two

Finally found MC55-1. Two pistols. The seller had two and wanted to sell both.

First one - from the year 1975, second one - 1979. Good condition. One unmodified factory grip. The second grip was modified (but very comfortable shape; better than the factory one).

Fully cleaned both pistols. Looks good.

Important things:

Unexpected good mass distribution (center of gravity). It is easier to control the front sight comparing to TOZ-35. Huge difference. TOZ-35 has the approx. same total mass of 1,4kg, but feels heavier.
Soft recoil.
Better quality. Premium finish and bluing comparing to TOZ-35. The bluing is very beautiful (tried to make a photo but my camera was unable to reproduce the real color - looks like S&W K38 Mod. 14). Unfortunately there are some scratches. I suppose that ex-owner used extra weights mounted on the barrel. I tried to fix this problem with perma blue. Looks better but not perfect.

Look at the color. It is really blue toned.

Other photos - MC55-1 photos.

How to take apart MC55-1 video. It took ~27 minutes because some parts were stuck.


  1. Hi there, it's hard to find and buy Toz 35 Firing Pin.. Can you suggest, where can i get it. I'm from Malaysia. Tq.

  2. what about the performance?