Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Randolph shooting glasses

Short "review" of my new shooting gear.

Two weeks ago in Granada I have seen "RE" (Randolph Engineering, US) shooting glasses. Local gun-shop had one frame in stock (Sporter Frame). Good quality. The frame with three sets of lenses was cheaper than Knobloch K5 frame with three sets of lenses (150 Euros for frame and about 150 Euros for three sets of lenses). "RE" looks cool.

I have seen those "RE" glasses somewhere... Oh yeah! Olympic Champion in Sport Pistol Women - Kim Jang-Mi from Korea.

Being at home a week later I ordered Ranger Classic Frame with three sets of lenses. Without trying them somewhere/somehow. I found good offer on eBay. Altogether 245 Euros with shipping. My order was delivered 5 days later! Miami (US) - Linz (Austria) in 5 days. The speed of light ;-)

Back to glasses. Premium quality. Premium lenses. Light frame. Absolutely satisfied.

I was pessimistic if yellow lenses work - but they work. Tried today. Yellow lenses enhance contrast in low light.
After all tested Copper Polarized lenses at 10 meter shooting range. Our Meyton LED light so bright that I have to use filter. Copper Polarized lenses help good. No problems with "overlight". Eye didn't "jumped" at the target.

Copper Polarized lenses


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