Thursday, June 2, 2016

Feinwerkbau P 8X

Some infos and photos.

Weight specs (+/-):
  • Grip + main frame + naked barrel: 686g
  • Barrel shroud: 26g
  • Aluminium compensator + steel front sight: 18g
  • Steel comp + steel front sight: 42g
  • Air tank: 210g
  • Weight block for the barrel shroud: 14g (one item)
Tested pistol delivered with two comps - steel and aluminium.
Some weights.

Intelligent mounting rail for weights. Weights are different. Symmetrical (left/right).  

Barrel shroud without mounting screws. It "sits" simply there pushed back by comp and over. Good.

Trigger guard - kind of plastic but good quality.

Very qualitative rear sight I would say...

Comp with two mounting screws on the top.

Trigger shoe. Rotation in any direction possible (ball joint).

Six adjustment screws.


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