Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Handgun cleaning tools

Separate cleaning rod for every handgun – it is a horror. Typically cleaning rods are not interchangeable (brushes and jags have different thread size, direction, step, male/female... whatever).

I checked my box, where I store the cleaning tools. Watch out:
  1. .22lr bore snake for the free pistol
  2. .22lr special long cleaning rod for the free pistol (inkl. nylon and brass brush, jag)
  3. .32 S&W cleaning set for Hämmerli SP20 (inkl. nylon and brass brush, patch loop)
  4. .22lr usual short cleaning rod with tools for AW93 and Pardini SP
  5. .38 nylon + brass brush and mop (luckily thread fits the rod of my AW93)
I also have a lot of unused tools from Pardini SP and my second free pistol.

To the #5 I must say - I used these tools once... really. I bought them to clean my .38 S&W 14.
I wiped twice every cylinder chamber and may be 6 or 8 times the barrel. Set price 5€. Look at this:

Seller was fair and warned me that this brass brush won't stand long. I didn't believe.

Fortunately I saw THIS - J. Dewey nylon-coated rods. One cleaning rod with tools for every caliber that I own. With qualitative bronze brushes. Cleaning system which I always wanted. U.S. tools and accessories maker are unbeatable in my hold opinion. Every time I search for something special - I find it in U.S. and it is 2 or 3-times cheaper than in EU (even with shipping).

My set includes nylon-coated rod and jags und brushes for .22, .30, 8mm and .38.
I didn't want to invest too much and therefore I ordered only basic "must have" tools (I don't need nylon brush if I can use jag with oiled patch etc...).

Tool-set "to go" for my three calibers.

But I have to keep my old soviet .22lr cleaning rod for the free pistol and it's long barrel - 300mm / 12in - or even longer (inkl. distance to the chamber - cleaning it from the grip side).


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