Thursday, February 15, 2018

ELEY Tenex Air pellets

ELEY announced new product - Tenex Air.
Also. We tested Eley Tenex Air. Not Eley ventus.

Measurements and tests – is thankless job. Too many factors may vary. I will try to exclude subjective factors and will operate only with observed numbers. At the end of the day shooter will decide what ammo to use.

I was allowed to attend the ammunition test at ELEY shooting range in Birmingham. «The guest» was an air pistol of a good shooter.
ELEY Team tested own new product – Tenex Air pellets – 19 different lots. As some of You know – the ELEY ammunition test consists of two phases. The first phase – 10 shots group test to eliminate obvious «no go» lots. The second phase – several 10-shot series for selected lots (lots passed first phase) to detect constancy pattern and exclude good groups by luck during the first phase. Of course the team also tested currently used ammunition by that pistol shooter (the ammunition is believed to be very good with tight groups). The detailed test took 4 or 5 hours. Vice with clamping tools specially milled for that type of air pistol, chronograph and Meyton equipment to get X,Y coordinates :-)
Compressed air cylinder was refilled every 40-50 shots (pressure range during the tests 190-120 bar). But it doesn't really matter I think... the velocity was constant according to the chronograph (most of the tests approx. +/- 1m/s... and the best observed test approx. +/- 0.5m/s). I have never seen such constancy with my typical pellets for hobby shooters like me. Good selected air pistol or premium ELEY pellet quality? Or both? I don't know.

JSB Match Diabolo. Labeled on the tin as 4.49mm.
Measured with laser (contactless) – 4.5099mm.

RWS R10 Match Premium Line. Labeled on the tin as 4.49mm.
Measured with laser (contactless) – 4.5020mm.

The measurement with the caliper will show 4.49mm I suppose.
To say truth – I forgot to ask ELEY for measurements of Tenex Air (printed results like above). Therefore I don't know if Tenex Air caliber declared as 4.49mm, 4.50mm and 4.51mm are real. The competitor pellet's weight was OK (+/- constant and as declared on the tin). The chemical composition is approx. the same according to the ELEY lab results.

The numbers for that particular pistol/barrel and other conditions on that day (all groups are measured edge to edge / the velocity was approx. the same +/-):
  • 19 Tenex Air lots (4.49, 4.50 and 4.51mm) and two competitors (JSB and R10 both declared as 4.49mm) were tested
  • R10 - best achieved 10 shot group was 8.3mm and the average was 8.7mm (3x10 shots test)
  • JSB - best achieved 10 shot group was 7.0mm and the average was 8.4mm (3x10 shots test)
  • 7 Tenex Air lots passed the first phase (<= 7.4mm - absolutely free selected criterion) and were tested once again in the second phase.
  • In the second phase 6 of 7 lots of Tenex Air outperformed tested competitor's pellets:
    average values were 7.6, 7.3, 7.7, 7.6, 8.9, 7.7 and 7.9mm.
  • The Tenex Air lot with the average 7.3mm also showed best 10 shot group of the day - 6.8mm.
Typical 10 or 5 shot paper target tests are not sufficient (forget it now). You may think that your gun shoots «hole in hole» but it's not true. Additionally we have to exclude any «good» group by luck. Long tests needed.
ELEY invests much time and efforts in .22lr TENEX tests with customers. The same approach for .177?
Plastic box divided in several sectors is OK. Prevents the pellets from damage if the box is't full anymore (do You remember metal tin with 50 last pellets? Yeah... let's shake it baby :-)).

Other impressions:
I had a short factory tour. ELEY automatically tests .22lr cartridges in so many ways during the production cycle. So much efforts to make Eley shooters happy (especially Tenex shooters from ISSF pool).