Monday, April 16, 2018

Revolver Taurus 76 (.32 S&W Long)

Finally got it. From the third attempt.
The first one – my bid lost online auction in October. The second one – potential seller didn’t answered. The last and final successful attempt – bought on the

Since I have never seen Smith & Wesson K32 Masterpiece for sale somewhere near me and Manurhin MR32 is too expensive and also hard to find – tried to find Taurus 76 and now I have it. I am impressed. The quality is better than I expected. Fine surface finish and beautiful bluing.
I hoped that my grip from S&W 14-3 will fit the Taurus’ frame. It fits for 95%. Minor changes are needed to make the grip «interchangeable» but don’t want cut this grip anymore. Taurus will get own grip someday.

I tried to measure the endshake and I got variable results. Endshake varies a little bit for all six chambers and lays between  0,05 and 0,08mm.

Today was the first test shooting. The trigger «as is» (2 or 2,5kg pull force in single action). The original grip. Shooting with one hand at 25m of course. Used very very old reloaded ammo (treasures from late 80s or early 90s?). Bullets are completely oxidized. Brass dark and dry.

Taurus will be my competition revolver for ISSF center fire event (first time with standard factory grip). Shooting revolver makes fun. And no need to used case catcher or pick every case around me after shooting.